The Aux Cord Game: A Perfect Partner For Long Drives

Are you a music lover? Do you enjoy long drives? If the answer is yes, then you need to check out the aux cord game. This game has recently gained popularity among music enthusiasts and car travelers. Playing this game can make your long drives a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Read on to discover everything about the aux cord game, including how to play and some helpful tips for winning.

What is the Aux Cord Game?

The aux cord game is a game where you take turns playing a song on the car’s sound system using an aux cable. The game involves two or more players who compete against each other to play the best song. The winner of the game is chosen by the group or by an individual nominated as the judge. The aim of the game is to play the best song that everyone else in the car will enjoy.

How to Play the Aux Cord Game?

Playing the aux cord game is very easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

One person must be willing to relinquish control and give up their phone for the game. They will be the judge for the round.

Step 2:

Plug the phone into the car’s sound system using an auxiliary cable. Make sure everyone can hear the music.

Step 3:

Set some rules or restrictions, like a time limit or a specific theme, such as playing songs from the 80s or only playing songs with a certain instrument.

Step 4:

Take turns playing a song. The judge or the group will score each song based on a rating system. This could be a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, or it could be a numerical or letter grade. The person with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Tips for Winning the Aux Cord Game

Here are some tips that can help you win the aux cord game:

Know Your Audience:

Try to anticipate what type of songs your companions like to listen to. If you know your audience well, then you can choose the perfect song to play.

Keep It Interesting:

Don’t just stick to one genre of music. Mix it up and try to play songs from different time periods and styles. This will keep the game interesting and prevent it from becoming boring.

Play to the Judge:

Remember that the judge is the one who decides who wins the game. Try to appeal to their music taste and style. It is important to know what type of music the judge likes before you start playing the game.


Q: How many players do I need to play the aux cord game? A: You need at least two players to play the game, but it can be more fun with a larger group.
Q: What if I don’t have an auxiliary cable? A: You can play the game using other sources like Bluetooth, but it may not be as effective as an auxiliary cable.
Q: How do I choose the winner of the game? A: The winner of the game is usually selected by the judge or the group. You can come up with a scoring system that is fair and objective.
Q: Is the aux cord game appropriate for all age groups? A: Yes, the aux cord game is appropriate for all age groups, as long as the songs played are appropriate for everyone in the car.


The aux cord game is a fun and exciting way to pass time during long drives. It is a great way to discover new music and bond with your travel companions. With the guide and tips provided here, you can now start playing the game. Try it out on your next road trip, and you won’t regret it!