Shawnee State University Game Design: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a university that offers a top-notch game design program? Look no further than Shawnee State University! With a curriculum designed to prepare students for the ever-growing game design industry, SSU’s program offers both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for a successful career in this field.

The Program

The Shawnee State University Game Design program offers students a comprehensive education in game design, development, and production. Students learn the technical skills necessary to design and develop games using various programming languages and software programs.

Moreover, students also develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-building skills, which are all essential for success in the game design field. The courses are designed to provide students with hands-on experience with both individual and group projects, ensuring they are well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

The Faculty

Shawnee State University prides itself on its faculty, which is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced game design professionals. The faculty brings a wealth of industry experience into the classroom, providing students with real-world insights into the game design industry.

The professors ensure that each student receives individual attention and guidance throughout their coursework. They mentor and advise students in their projects, offering personalized feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The Facilities

The Game Design program at Shawnee State University boasts state-of-the-art facilities that rival those of other top universities. It is equipped with the latest software and hardware necessary to create high-quality games, and students have access to a dedicated game development lab.

Moreover, the university provides students with opportunities to collaborate with other students and industry professionals through various programs, seminars, and events.


Question Answer
What are the job prospects for game design graduates? There are several job opportunities available for game design graduates. They can work in game development companies, animation studios, or as independent game developers. The field is constantly growing, with new job prospects emerging every day.
Is the Shawnee State University Game Design program accredited? Yes, the program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).
What are the admission requirements for the program? Students are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, official transcripts, and a minimum score on either the ACT or SAT exam. Additionally, students may be required to submit a portfolio or complete an interview.
What is the tuition fee for the program? The tuition fee varies depending on the student’s residency status and enrollment status. The university offers various financial aid programs and scholarships to qualified students.
What kind of projects do students work on? Students work on various projects such as game design, programming, and production. They also collaborate on group projects, which often involve designing and developing games from scratch.


With a game design program that emphasizes practical experience and real-world knowledge, Shawnee State University Game Design graduates are well-equipped to succeed in the industry. Coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty, the program provides a top-tier education in game design.

So, if you’re looking to start a career in game design, look no further than Shawnee State University.